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■ With patented control algorithm and device for controlling the output torque of all continuous and discontinuous air-driven torque tools especially air impact wrenches, air ratchet wrenches, air oil pulse wrenches as well as geared torque multipliers, regardless of tool brand and its designed mechanism with proven satisfactory control accuracy and durability.

■ The programmable function of bolting sequence control while applying with the tagged bolt or sensing bolt.

■ Solves problems of torque loss that may be caused by the variation of the joint hardness, the rise of the temperature of hydraulic fluid in pulse tools or the posture of holding the tool during continuous operation and compensate for the dynamic torque loss automatically within its allowable working torque range.

ZIPPTORK Torque Controller provides Real-Time Monitoring, Data Logging, Intelligent Control, Auto Compensation to most power torque tools

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