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Hydraulic Electric Pump

ZSPE-3000 Series Reservoir Capacity: 3000-6000c.c Flow at rated pressure: 4-0.4 L Motor Size: 0.37kW (0.5 hp) Maximum Operating Pressure:700 bar   Hydraulic Electric Pump Requires less energy, simple and easy to operate. Suitable for any industrial application. Handle and casing built together. Equipped with 10ft remote line. Carbon brush motor, working frequently.     

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ZHEP-665 Hydraulic Electric Pump Reservoir Capacity: 8-20L Flow at rated pressure: 11.3-0.9 L Motor Size: 0.84kW (1-1/8 hp) Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar   Hydraulic Electric Pump 2-speed pump drives single -or double-acting cylinders, delivering a high volume of oil . Air is the preferred source of power which supply require 3~8bar. Max.Pressure:700bar. External adjustable [...]

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