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Merry Christmas and happy new year

2020 has been quite a year, to say the least.


Although it’s been very challenging the last 9 months, hope we all have something to be grateful for in some way. Our Christmas wishes this season will be to see everyone stay healthy and prosper in 2021. We all deserve that…


May all that is beautiful, meaningful, and brings you joy be yours this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year. Happy Holidays and please have a safe and Happy New Year!


On behalf of everyone at ZIPP GROUP, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Announcement Update 2020-03-28

ZIPP GROUP Announcement Update

A Message to Our Valued Customers



Concerning the situation generated by the “Coronavirus / Covid-19”, we would like to inform you that all the activities of our company continue to take place normally, so as to guarantee our customers and suppliers the usual working efficiency.



Due to on-going updates concerning the coronavirus, we wanted to let you know how ZIPP GROUP is managing the changes during this time. In common with other companies, our top priorities are to work closely with the Taiwan government recommended directions to obtain any necessary exemptions to keep our facility open, following WHO and CDC recommendations to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our employees.


This is a challenging time for the world, but we remain committed to our customers and our team. We are thankful for the heroic work of healthcare workers and all that support them across the globe.


We know many customers will have critical production deadlines due to the “Coronavirus / Covid-19”. We take this impact seriously. Our sales and service team will reach out to you as we have updates on your orders. We aim to mitigate the possible effects on production.


As always, our sales account managers and customer service teams are fully available to assist as required. Our team is committed to supporting you during this challenging time. We all hope you stay safe and healthy.


We at ZIPP GROUP thank you for your business. Your satisfaction and safety are our number one priority.


Best regards,



Announcement for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

ZIPP GROUP Announcement


We very much regret to announce to you that after a close review of guidance by global health authorities, and out of an abundance of caution due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. We have made the difficult decision to withdraw from all the upcoming exhibitions, and international business travels before the fourth quarter of 2020. Since the situation is changing fast, and as new hotspots and outbreaks are reported, airline and travel policies will likely change too. We will continue to update our announcement through all available channels as the situation develops.


All the new products announcement will be presented online through our corporate website, FB fan page, Linkedin, and many other alternative social media. Furthermore, we will be publishing a series of videos explaining our latest product features and functionality with detailed instruction videos on our corporate YouTube channel.


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. For those who had plans to discuss business topics or wish to see our latest products in live-action, please feel free to contact us directly by email, and we will do everything we can to assist by providing additional brochures, product videos, or arrange video conference in your preferred date and time.


We thank you for your kind understanding, and all the necessary plans will be made to make sure the business won’t be affected during this time.


Hope everyone is in good health and may God bless us all





ZIPPTORK Torque monitoring android tablet APP

System settings and configurations on the tablet

How to pair wireless transducer on the tablet with Dongle/Transceiver installed

Static Mode – Use with the torque wrench

Dynamic Mode – Use with non-shut off pulse tool

Torque & Angle Mode – Use with torque wrench or click wrench

Dynamic torque Mode – Use with clutch type tool

Dynamic torque Mode – Use with Air impact wrench

Dynamic torque Mode – Use with auto shut off pulse tool

Job sequence setup – Use with click wrench with torque and angle

Split & Inline riveters designed for ergonomic and limited space

Split & Inline riveters designed for ergonomic and limited space

Split riveters designed specifically for various type of rivets with extremely limited access. The tools transmit power from the power unit through a flexible hose to a small, lightweight head. By utilizing the proper pulling head, design problems and operator fatigue can be reduced dramatically.


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